Spiritual Growth

What is it?

Spiritual growth is a choice and is necessary to deepen our relationship with God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  Growing in our spirituality is the desire to become more Christ-like in our everyday lives. Spiritual growth is not the same thing as being religious. 


How do we grow?

Creating new habits isn’t always easy, but with a clear plan and a sense of direction for what we hope to accomplish, we’ll often surprise ourselves with just how much we can achieve.

Spiritual growth It is a work that the Spirit of God does within us. This is a gradual, on-going process that will be complete only when we see Jesus face to face either beyond death or at his return.

We grow and matures through:

  • Prayer (regularly conversing with God)
  • Reading His word (the bible)
  • Sharing with others (joining a church small group, fellowship, evangelizing).
  • Giving God glory and praise through speech, behaviour, and songs (worship).

When we exercise our faith, it grows. 


Can I get help?

Yes, you can!

We have:

  • Small groups that you can join
  • Courses that we run
  • Prayer meetings were you can learn and participate in prayer
  • Worship on Sundays both morning and evenings

We’d love to join with you on your spiritual journey. You are welcome to come along to church any Sunday, or contact us at: admin@metfordbaptist.org.au or 02 4934 5350