About Us


Our Purpose Statement


"Led by God’s Spirit, declaring and living out God’s forgiveness,

love and hope with a servant heart,

restoring the broken and doing all for God’s glory"


As a church we recognise God’s grace is sufficient for all our needs and seek to be:

Glorifying God

Restoring the broken

Active in prayer and reading God's Word

Connecting to community

Equipping ourselves and others to serve God


What we Believe


Grace is God showing His love to us even though we don't deserve it.

We can't earn God's grace. We do not deserve to be saved from sin and have eternal life,

but if we know Jesus as our Saviour, we can be thankful that God saves us by His grace.


We believe that there is one triune God. God is the creator of all people, the world,the universe,

and everything seen and unseen. We recognise Jesus is the son of God, and it is through Jesus,

by God's grace, that we are saved and not by our own works.



Church Leaders

           Ross & Jeni 2024.JPG   Pastor John         

Pastor: Rev Ross Callaghan

Pastoral Care Pastor: John Cook

Children, Young Families & Youth Ministry Worker: 




Church Treasurer: Elizabeth Smith

Deacons: Doug Lynch, Kath Moran


To contact us: Phone 02 4934 5350 or admin@metfordbaptist.org.au

Our address: 83-85 Chelmsford Drive Metford NSW 2323

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