Marriage Ministry

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We believe that it is vital to promote healthy marriages in the Christian Community. In response to this, we run a marriage program that seeks to enable Christian couples to take time to reflect on and discuss their marriages in an informal and relaxed environment. The program is for couples who are newly married, contemplating marriage or those who have been married many years.


Each year, we offer a two-day Marriage Retreat. This activity is held at Tahlee Ministry Centre and is a more intensive reflection and teaching time on various topics associated with marriage. We begin on a Saturday Morning and conclude on Sunday afternoon. There are times of group discussion, time for couples to individually reflect and discuss as well as numerous practical, communication-based exercises. A particular highlight is the ‘formal dinner,’ held on the Saturday night. A crèche is available for children 0-5 and there are many accommodation options available.


For more information please contact the church office.